Black Cloth Money Spell


you have to make money and this is the back cloth money spell you need for that goal.

“Money money  money………..” thus goes the ‘Thrice Opening Chant’ money incantation which starts or opens all money spells that are worthwhile.

You are going to cast a money spell to ensure that the flow of money into your life is only equal to falling rain.

What You Need.

Besieged with all the worrisome needs and demands in the world, the most immediate thing you need in life is money.

With money you can almost achieve anything that you have ever dreamed of.

Money has very few things that come close to its efficiency in making lives much more worthy of living.

Black Cloth Money Spell

You may have a good job or good business, but that magical thing that makes life good, is their ability to increase on income.

A job isonly good if at all it meets all your financial needs, and your needs are for a fact endless.

Your business brings in money, however, it will bring in more money if you invest in it more money, that is why you need money at all costs.

What You Need To Get What You Need.

As much as you need more money, you also have to be in possession of the true means on how to make this money.

Yes, you have a job, you have a business or you might have other sources that bring you money. However, there is one thing you are missing, which is the means of how to increase on the money those ventures bring you.

Therefore, the only reason I am here is to walk you through magical rituals that involve casting of money spells. Most of spells are enchanted to bring money into your life.

You need the black magic here if you are to enjoy the beauties that the universe has to offer

The spells are strong, efficient, and filled with performing energies that are not equaled in the magical realm.

Below, you can first go through this powerful money attraction and money increasing spell. It is designed especially for those with a firm belief in the supernatural existence of magic.

The Black Cloth Money Spell.

How does this money spell work?

The black cloth money spell is blessed with the powerful ability first of all to attract money to you. Secondly, it helps to increase on your earnings.

If you have a business, this money spell will ensure that you attract as many clients to your business as possible.

If you have a job where you receive a salary, this black cloth money spell will surprise you. It will use its energies to help you get a raise.  On top of giving you other financial benefits from your job, it assures you of employer’s favor.

Cast the spell by doing the following;

Perform the spell during the night time. black magic travels faster in the absence of the discerning lights of the sky.

  • The spell is cast outdoors because this makes the energies to move freely. Your influence in money is left free to touch every part of the universe.
  • Performing this ritual indoors limits the surge of power from extending to the elements. Consequently, the money energies do not transmit as effectively as the magic requires.
  • Grind biochar that is used in a witch’s hearth to smithers.Black Cloth Money Spell
  • Collect the powder in a ritual-free new black bowl. Take some black salt and add it to the powder and mix the two thoroughly well.
  • Get a pint of elixir oil and add it to the mixture. Always consecrate the elixir for the attraction of luck and money, thus, it is strongly effective in this money spell.
  • Get a black candle and light it in a place where air cannot interfere with the flame. In a metal bowl, warm the mixture for 30 seconds. The fire acts as an accelerator for the strengthening of the energies in the spell.

Storing and transmitting the money energy in the black cloth

  • Take a piece of black silk cloth and stitch it into a holding pouch. The pouch should be square in form, measure 2inches in width and 2inches in length.
  • Stitch this pouch to create holding space within its inner area. Take a mixture of the ingredients we have made earlier and pour into this holding pouch.
  • If you can manage, you get two locks of feline fur and place them also inside the pouch.
  • When done, take any form of paper currency or coin (the worth is not so important here), and place it inside the pouch.
  • Lastly, stitch the open end of the pouch and place it in your wallet. This pouch will help you to attract money in your wallet and also bring you good luck in financial opportunities.
  • At times, before you go to sleep in the night, you have to remove the pouch from your wallet and place it under your billow such that you create a bond between you and the energies on a spiritual level.
  • The mantras or incantations which you can use for this ritual change daily depending on your desires for the next day.

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What To Remember As You Cast The Black Cloth Money Spell

Silk is a very effective material in black magic for the saturation of money energies,  It’s rare and expensive form is symbolistic of its virtues when it comes to attracting financial gains.

In other spells and rituals, you may come across other materials for different uses, but with money spells, silk is of the highest magical value.

The feline sight is important in looking for the right money ventures. I other words, it helps you identify opportunities when they come across. Thus, this is why you include locks of feline fur in the spell.

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Contact Dr. Nzoga on +256773183181 Or via Whatsapp on +256773183181.

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