Control Spells In Black Magic


Though many people do not know it, it is the secret of the universe that humanity wants to be at its best. But, the secret in being the best lies in the ability to control everything that you want in your life. Fortunately, all that is possible when make use of the control spells.

This control is ultimate if you are able to control the people around you. Many people seek positions in high offices whille others fight physically and intimidate. All of those measures aim towards gaining supremacy and therefore control.

However, there is only one sure way you can ever truly control someone, and that is through black magic spells.

Control spells are so common in black magic because black magic oftenly undermines free will in its practice.

A strong spell will make someone do whatever you want them to do. Such kind of power is not easy to come across in the physical world.

That is why black magic gives it to you in the spiritual realm. You can easily take control over someone without their knowing that they are under magical influence. Consequently, you will make them do your bidding at all times.

How Can You Take Control.

Here is the most efficient way through which you  gain dominance over someone, and that is through their dreams.

Control Spells In Black Magic

When a person is asleep they have little control over what takes place either in the dream or real life.

In such a state, it is easy to take the reins of conscious and unconscious decision from this person.

Why Control Spells In A Dream Are So Easy.

First of all, the person is unaware of what is taking place in the two unstable dimensions of his or her reality.

Secondly, black magic is very strong at night when there is no moon and silence reigns. A dream is one of the conduits of powerful black magic through which anything can be achieved.

The Need For Control.

Most of the times you reach a certain point and feel like someone is better off when not in charge.

This does not mean incapacitating the person’s free will. But, it is essential that when time of making crucial decisions comes, you are the one in control of things.

This will help you to get those things that other people possess and you do not.

Below are some of the instances where you may need to take some control over someone’s life;

Your lover is in love with someone else, but you want him or her to be yours only.

Control Spells In Black Magic

This feat can be achieved through a love spell in any magical tradition. However, with black magic, any love spell that you come across gives you complete control over the person.

Unlike a love spell which only brings back your lover, a  control spell brings them back and puts them under your control. This means that in everything they do, they have to first ask for your permission.

Another instance is when you want control people responsible for things like salary increases or job promotions.

Gaining control over these people ensures that every good thing at your workplace will happen in your favor.

The next instance is if you want to influence the decisions of some big organization that you are a part of.

This black magic control spell helps you achieve this by giving you control over all the people within the organization.

What to Remember about the black magic control spells;

These control spells grant you temporary control over people for the time it will take you to effect decisions in which they would have been in opposition to you.

Permanent control over a person’s soul will only affect his or her mental and physical faculties and though your control over them may give you what you want, but as time goes on, you will notice that the people you control cannot help you so much when they cannot come up with anything in their minds.

What does this mean?

This means that if someone you want to control is about to make a decision, let’s say in one week, you can collect all the required items for the ritual

You will cast the control spell or ritual (depending on what your magical practitioner advised you on), two days before the person is expected to do what you detest.

Control spells in Dream Magic are best done when a person is sleeping.

Apart from dream spells, there are some other ways of gaining control, but some are very hard to pull off successfully because, taking over a sleeping person’s mind is always easy than compared to a person who is alert and awake.

Control Spells In Black Magic

This means you will be doing most of your control magic when your target person is asleep or in dreams.

I have told you that control is temporary so you need to act as quickly as possible if you want to influence someone’s life in a given way.

It is very satisfying to know that at any time you can make people do what you want them to exactly do without necessarily being condescending or overbearing.

As we continue together I am going to show you how you can achieve this and many more other things, using simple dream and spiritual spells which have survived for ages with their intact magical force throbbing deep within them.

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