Dark Moon Rituals


The dark moon rituals and spells in black magic have something extraordinary that magicians do not understand. Very few can unravel and invoke the secrets of the moon in nature.

In black magic we have two phases of the moon and these are; The Dark Moon and The Half Light Moon.

We have magical traditions which have light moon phases of The Half, Quarter and Full Moon. However, black magic utilizes the dark moon and light moon in their totalities.

There are a number of dark moon spells cast in both black magic and in the light moon spells. Read the simple guide on all these spells and rituals here and more is elaborated by Dr. Nkasi 

Why The Dark Moon Rituals And Spells.

These magical performances are engaged in when the sky is absolved of all moonlight.

When many people do not see the moon up in the skies, they mistake its absence for its non existence. However, according to black magic, this is not true.

Dark Moon Rituals

The moon is always present in the skies and in the universe. Its absence from human vision is purely magically enhanced.

This is the time when the universe presents humanity with the appropriate time for the casting of the spells.

You can also use this time to perform money rituals powered by the dark light. There is power in the dark presence of the moon.

Under the dark moon spells and rituals, you will find some of the spells below;

All these powerful spells are cast under the dark light of the moon. They are purely cast by adepts in the black magic tradition.

Therefore, always contact a spiritual practitioner when you want to perform these rituals.

Effectiveness Of The Black Magic Rituals.

The strength with which the energies of these dark moon rituals flow is of immeasurable intensity.

When you get the chance to be a part of one such spell, you will give up on any other kind of magic in solving problems.

Dark Moon Rituals

The dark moon magical energies have the following benefits over other kinds of rituals and spells;

  • Strong and energy filled.
  • They transmit their energies at night when all other interfering elements are numb and still.
  • Blessed by the energy of the dark moon.
  • You will perform them in solace.
  • Cover quite a number of life aspects, from money to love to protection.
  • Posess long-lasting energies. You do not need to cast the same spells over and over again. Only one time and the magical energies are released forever.

However, the dark moon rituals and spells have one major setback, and that is timing. Their performance should occur when the moon has not manifested its presence in the skies.

The moon should be there but its visibility should not be there. The parctioner uses this timing to establish and write the black magic calendar.  On this calendar, every spell and ritual in black magic thrives.

This timing is hard to achieve because, in a full magical year, the dark moon manifests for less than 14 days.

Thus, it is not always easy to cast a dark moon spell or perform a dark moon ritual.

What To Do

The good and most encouraging news is that, the magical practitioners know these moon days, and they will help you.

When you cast a spell or perform a ritual with your magical practitioner, you get enlightenment on the passing of the moon.

Your practitioner selects the perfect spell when the intervals are right, to help manifest results you want in your life.

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Let us look at the half light moon spells.

The Half-Light Moon Spells And Rituals.

In performance, these spells and rituals are similar to the wiccan half moon rituals.

However, the difference in performance is, the ritualist invokes the power that flows from the dark side of the full moon.

Dark Moon Rituals

This power receives half strength from the lighter part of the moon. This is the energy used to further strengthen the energies moving within the spell and ritual.

Most people prefer to search for answers from only the lighter part of the moon. They thus remain oblivious to the hidden half  that has flowing energies. These energies grow stronger by the layers of natural energy they pass through and as such, they touch the lives of people.

There has never been a plane of existence in magic where the forces of nature appear in half their glory.

Therefore, experts handle the secret knowledge of the force and they use this to affect the way of life of people.

The Utilization Of The Half Light Moon Energies.

As we have said, these rituals resemble the wiccan half-moon rituals and spells. The energies within the half light moon mirror the spells performed in Wicca.

For instance, follow these procedures;

  • Cast a love spell imbued with half-moon energies to bring back your ex-lover.
  • Cast the same spell in black magic
  • Use the incantations, invocations, and other items that come from the dark half of the moon.

when you do the above, you will see the difference in results from the spell.

Talk to us and you explore the wonderful world of moon magic in black magic.

The success and strength manifestedin dark moon rituals is an endless stream of energy. This is because it stems and flows from the hands of the most powerful magicians in the tradition.

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