Job Spells


You have worked on that job for so long it is time you moved a step up. I know you are always searching for a chance to be more than you are currently.

This is the chance; it has come at the right time when you need it.

Black magic is always here for you, to work with you, to help you, and to assist you in everything you do.

Black magic is part of your life and you will achieve more if you open up your spirit to the fulfilling powers of black magic.

People are leaving you behind at your workplace. You have worked for so long at the same position that it seems as if you were destined to stop at that position.

However, I want to assure you that this is not the case. You can be more, and you can go higher. Do not be deceived by others that you are not working hard enough. You are already doing more than your share.

The only problem or the only previous problem was that you were not aware of the ability of the forces that surround you, when it comes to making your life better.

It is good that i am here with the right tools to help you

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You are faced with the best chances of getting that promotion in less than one week if you are ready for it. Nobody will stand in the way of your promotion when black magic is on your side.

Nothing is strong enough than the spells and rituals cast here to deflect what we shall put in motion together.

You have heard of the Newt’s Blood and its great abilities when it comes to the augmenting the energy in leveling magic.

The black magic rituals we perform to ensure that you get a job promotion are blessed with the blood of a blind newt, and this magic is unstoppable.

You get to decide at what point you want to stop, then you will cease the energy releases.

Your fate is placed in your hands right now and you decide to either use perfect it, or let it pull you down.

The magic is pure in nature. It only does one thing, and that is looking out for the seeker. The seeker is that person who decides to use the magic to achieve what he or she wants.

The moment you decide to employ magic on your behalf, you increase the chances of living a brand new life compared to the one you are living right now.

Everybody knows that those who are lower on the ladder always receive the lowest benefits from those far up the ladder, so what makes you wish to always be served meagerly when you can be part of the huge receivers.

This is only ensured if you get the promotions that you deserve, and that is what this spell ensures.

How To Cast The Spell;

You can always decide whether to do a smudge, or a sabotage. In such cases you will first ensure that the promotion is going to a person with whom you are in tight competition for the same.

If you decide to go with a sabotage spell, the magic will cause negative energies to flow on the side of the person to be promoted, in your favor.

He or she will either be faced with a calamity which will prevent her from being at the right place in the right time.

Since you are the next person in line, the promotion will automatically go to you. In these kinds of sabotage magic people are always worried that something as worse as death might occur to a person being sabotaged.

Most of the practitioners do not know this, but once you decide that dearth is the best solution you desire for your enemy, then you remove the target of magic.

Remember black magic cannot be left untethered, but the moment its target is removed, it will look for the next best target, and the chances that it will find its way back to you are high.

However, there are some precautions that are always taken to ensure that in the event of death of a magical target (person), the magic is immediately redirected.

My advice to most of my clients who are so embittered towards those people who they want to incapacitate, is to choose the strongest spells in black magic that cannot be countered.

  • You will first wait for the chance for the promotion to present itself.
  • Make sure that it is the appointment that you have been waiting for. It will even be more better if you can access the promotion paper, this eases up things a little bit.
  • When you reach home, take the promotion paper and write your name with red ink on its upper face.
  • Take the promotion proposal and together with your appointment letter anoint them with newt’s blood.
  • Recite the black magic joining enchantments to make these two events one, (you being on the job and you succeeding on your job).
  • With the blood you will level the events and make them one, hence they will become inseparable.

What Does This Mean?

  • This means that as long as you are on the job, the promotion is always yours.
  • This is the first and most influential step in deciding the fate of the promotion in the offing. With the completion of this procedure, it will require magic combined from all the one thousand magical traditions that move the universe, to undo the power in this spell.
  • You can always go back to work with confidence and courage to take on the promotion. Nobody will even suspect that there was magical play at work.

That is the beauty of black magic, it brings change without making noise.

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