Luck Spells


Are you feeling unlucky today?

Do  you feel in detachment from your surroundings?

Do you feel like the world has moved on and you are stuck behind in place?

There are times when you feel like the universe is on a lot more wheels than are necessary for it to move. These are the times when you should try looking out for better luck. And this is when this article will be of help to you.

Do you need to pull some luck your way? I know you do, because that is the reason why i had to bring this powerful spell to your attention.

Living life the way you are currently living is not the best that there is. Life can be much more better than the way it manifests now

The universe contains vast tools at your disposal, just enough to make your day brighter and your life a bit more worthy of living.

Decades have passed with people being in the darkness on the perfect way to live life.

The best ingredient that one can mix in life to make it a thousand times better is called, ‘luck’.

What Is Luck?

According to black magic, luck has no definite definition, but you can get what it is from the way it is searched for.

You cannot specifically define luck because it is almost existent in a number of things, yet it can also stand on its own.

The only thing we are blessed with is the ability to know where to look and when to look when we need some luck in our lives.

That is what black magic brings to you today; sight into the unknown. When you search deeply and look closer, you will find the luck that has been the missing link in your life?

Do You Need Luck?

Black magic says you do! And thus, am compelled to present to you the necessary spells and rituals that will help you along this spine-tingling journey

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Start Your Journey Into Good Luck

Though there is nothing like bad luck, good luck is surely a thing, and you need it.

You may not be aware that you need it but with the steps i am about to show you in black magic luck rituals, you will surely get insight into what i am trying to show you;

Fortune Reading

What is fortune reading?

Call it Scrying, Translation, Interpretation, it has quite a number of names, but in black magic we always prefer to employ fortune reading’.

At this stage in the search for luck, we open up your spiritual energy flow and examine it for any defects that might be present within

This process can be done through a number of ways, using a number of tools. Some of these tools include; Tarot Card Readings, Chakra Examinations, Jain Meditation, Scrying, among others.

With luck readings, you expect your fortunes to be in flaw (since you come to us with a feeling that something is not right), however, sometimes your luck can be intact and the bad feelings you are getting might be from a very different source

This does not in any way stop us from examining those energies from another source and applying the recommended solutions.

However, since we are looking at flawed luck, let’s assume that your luck is in flaw

When your luck has been examined and found lacking, we proceed to the next step which will involve cleansing

Luck cleansing

At this stage, we take you through the rituals that are aimed towards removing the blemishes and negative energies that might be responsible for the slips in your fortune.

These misappropriations in fortune may be a result of very many things, and thus this process takes some time. Negative energies cast your way by a person can be responsible for the way you feel

Also, your misfortunes could be hereditary; this means that your progenitors could be responsible for the absence of good luck in your life, mainly because of what they did, or what they did not do.

Luck cleansing in black magic is done both spiritually and physically.

With physical cleansing you will take some fresh cleansing herbs and squeeze them

  • Wring out of the herbs some liquid
  • You can either add this liquid in water or in any good luck oils that your magical practitioner will recommend
  • You can still use the liquid independently
  • Rub the mixture on your whole body, and let it dry
  • Do not take a bath before the sun sets

Now we go to the spiritual cleansing

This is done by the spiritual healer in consultation with the spirits on the spiritual realm

  • It will involve blood sacrifices, incantations and empowering of charms that will be purely dedicated to bettering your luck.Always consult with a spiritual healer with commendable command of the spiritual energies on the spiritual realm

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After cleansing or purging, we go on to charging;

Luck charging

Unlike black magic, most other traditions will pass through consecration of luck. However, this is only done in instances of magically powered luck or luck which is aimed towards getting you something.

Some people want to better their luck for specific things or events, for example, one might need luck in finding a new job, here you will have to go through luck consecration in other magical traditions.

However, with black magic, luck charging achieves all the above, plus ensuring that your luck never again comes into energy contamination.

Your luck is charged mostly through continuous routine checks and sacrificing.

The good thing about charging your luck is that you never have to cast any good luck spell again.

This means that, even when you want to engage in love, job searches, money searches, or any other thing, your charged luck is always going to work in your favor without any more need for casting luck spells and performing luck rituals.

Trust black magic luck spells to give you the good luck you desire.

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