Money Spells


Nothing is yet available in the known and the unknown realms that is as strong as black magic when it comes to accumulating wealth, and protecting the collected wealth.

Many people detest black magic because it is sometimes falsely associated with evil magic.  It is such lies which have made quite a number of people to miss out on the very many chances available to make money.

On top of that, people who have been in position to acquire wealth in different means have found themselves losing everything and going back to zero, all this has happened because they have failed to realize the forces that can help them safeguard those things that they fought so hard to get.

It is very easy to become rich when you use the right black magic spells and money rituals as they are given by the famous Dr. Zziba at

However, it is also very easy for the wealth you have toiled to collect, to slide away from your hands if you do not take the necessary steps to secure it from a number of things.

In this universe, all souls are competing for space, space for a better life. You are not the only one who has been through a lot, or the only one who wants to be part of something big.

People are out there sacrificing everything they have so that they get a chance to live admirable lives, lives worth talking about when you enter certain circles. You only achieve such a life if you are ready and willing to embrace black magic.

Here, I bring to you some of the known most powerful black magic spells that have been cast by people who have realized abundancy in their lives. Here you will come across money rituals that you have not yet seen anywhere else.

Money rituals that work for only one thing, and that is, to make you rich and more rich. Black magic is a gift. It is the only sure way of doing any successful magic.

Other magical traditions will caution you, they will tell you to wait, they will tell you to be patient. Others will base their results on celestial bodies which may not even appear as they are promised.

However, black magic has one beautiful thing, and that is its ability to turn everything, and that is almost everything into an energy conduit. What does this mean? This means that you are right now travelling through magic.

An ordinary stone can be turned into a wheel of fortune with black magic, a bird on the wing can be tamed and used for ritual purposes that require scrying as part of their procedure.

Black magic is such a beauty that even a novice spell caster with enough knowledge in the head can cast a black magic spell any time of the day and they will receive what they desire by the end of that day.

You can only be sure of the safety of your assets if you put a black magic shield around them, however, what we are about to see is not what is required to protect your property, but we are delving into rituals and magic that involves creating bonds between you and those things that you hold dear in your life, we are started with how to create a bond between you and your wealth or riches.

There are a number of rituals performed here, but we shall be looking at the strongest ones, and Dr. Zziba will be taking you through the steps in each ritual such that by the time, you are done, you and your assets will be one.

Remember; with black magic spells and rituals, blood sacrifices are almost done in every casting. Never underestimate the power of black magic.

Black magic may be taken by some as enchanted magic, but am telling you right now that apart from the powers within the spells being strong enough to create change, there is nothing wrong with a magical spell that is going to make your lives worthwhile.

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Why you may need to link your riches.

Linking spells are like bonding spells. They are all soul spells that go beyond the human establishment of physical form and imbibe magical energies on another level, which is the spiritual form.

You will need to protect your riches or wealth from;

  • Those who do not like your success.
  • Those who would wish to make you poor again.
  • Those who want to see you miserable.
  • Magicians with free time at their hands. Magical conflicts, and others.

Many people want to be like you, but they simply can’t. and that is because you chose to take a more different and profitable route, and that is the path of magic. It is enshrouded in fog, such that when you are extending your magical touch to the external world, it is always seen as a single hand of nature touching out.

The riches you have will be doubled by black magic, and in addition they will always be a part of you all the way.

If your hope had started dwindling, this might be because you have trusted the wrong people to do for you the right things, or simply because you are not yet fully dedicated.

However, your time has come, some people might have gone faster than you, they might be wealthier that you are right now, but am going to tell you one thing, you are about to go far when it comes to money and securing it, that those who thought that they had left you behind, will fight to get to you and ask for advice.

Therefore, my brother, sister, and friend you have just stumbled upon your luck, and that is the black magic that is waiting to bless you.

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