Protection Spells


If you need to protect yourself, you will do the following;

Know what you are protecting

Know what you are protecting yourself from

Know whether you will need a full scale protection ritual, or a simple spell

Know the protection herbs that are used in black magic

Know the right time to cast a protection spell

Use the right items in their right order

Know whether the protection spell requires is founded or a safeguard

When you understand the things above, they you will be in position to cast a protection spell or perform a magical ritual that will be worthwhile.

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Know what you are protecting

This involves you selecting what item or thing you want to put protection magic on

  • Are you protecting your assets?
  • Are you protecting your family?
  • Are you protecting your relationship?
  • Are you protecting yourself?

All those and many more, are the questions you will have to ask yourself before you initiate the magic

Here I will go on with personal protection.

Know what you are protecting yourself from

Start a spell or ritual with clear knowledge on what you are protecting yourself from

It is easy to perform a biased ritual, and you will end up having to go through everything again

It is important to always understand what is it exactly you want to guard yourself against. You can protect yourself from;

  • Negative magic
  • Spiritual energies
  • sabotage
  • Enemies
  • Bad relationships
  • Hexes
  • Accidents
  • Diseases
  • Among others.

When you understand what you are protecting yourself from, it will help you to understand what magic you need to apply.

Different things require the application of different magical rituals. For example; when you are protecting yourself from magical attacks which are spiritual, you will have to perform magic on a spiritual level

This is different from when you are protecting yourself from diseases or accidents, the forces called upon differ in strength and many other things

Is The Magic Rooted or A Measure?

Rooted magic is magic that has a cause for.

When we begin rituals or the casting of spells we always have an aim. In this regard, you have to specify whether you are casting the spell or the rituals for something that has happened, or you are putting in place safe measures for something that has not happened yet, but you expect it to happen in the future.

My advice here is that when it comes to black magic protection rituals, you should always perform the magic before the event has taken place.

This is because, the exercise is much quicker, simpler and manifests results that are not time-tied.

However, many people want to work on the cure side of things rather than on the prevention side. This is why they find magic hard to exercise and the rituals trying.

When you work on prevention you get one hundred percent guarantee that the event you are safeguarding against will never tamper with your life.

For rooted or measure spells and rituals (cure side), contact Dr……………… he will help you to examine the problem and identify the source of your suffering and close it. On top of that he will provide you with the safest measures you will take to ensure havoc doesn’t come your way.

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Is It A Full Scale Protection Ritual Or A Simple Spell

This is always hard to decide when you are the victim of attack, but you can always talk to a professional spiritual healer and get assistance.

There are some problems that will require a full ritual for the magic to take effect, while in other instances, you will only require a simple spell.

An example; if you are protecting yourself from an in-process (which has already been put in motion against you) magical attack on a spiritual level, you will find that you need a full scale protection ritual

However, when you want to protect yourself from negative energies from a person you suspect of such, then you will cast a protection spell.

The protection spell will help you in more ways than one;

First of all, it will check whether the person you suspect really intends magical harm to you

Next it will deflect this bad energy if any exists.

Note that the magic in a spell will not take effect if the person has no plans to harm you.

This brings us to the next thing; you will only perform a ritual when you are truly certain that there is harmful play and schemes laid down for you

This is so because, the magical energy in a ritual can never be recalled. Once you start the ritual, you are all set to go, and there is no looking or turning back.

However, a protection spell is different, as its magic can always be recalled and redirected.

Know The Right Time To Cast A Protection Spell Or Perform A Protection Ritual

Not every time of day is suitable for ritual performance.

Though black magic is at most times not limited by time, some of its specialties, for example protection magic, require some specific elements to be in sync with the magic, for the success of the rituals.

For example, you will find that an effective black magic protection ritual will require the dark light of the night to be started.

Another thing that will direct black magic protection ritual most especially in money spells, is the Dark Silence Of The Feline Eyes.

The Dark Silence of Feline Sight is very common in protection rituals thart are aimed towards protecting money sources and protecting wealth.

In black magic, a black cat with dark clouded eyes is a very strong conduit of protection energies, and is utilized by quite a number of people who engage in money protection rituals.

Contact me and I take you through all the steps before, during and after the casting of protection magic spells and the performance of the same rituals.